Rescuers reunite baby leopard cubs separated from mama

Leopards are one of the most powerful and dangerous animals in the wild. But they can nurture their babies very gently. Even these fierce felines can give the greatest love to their cubs.

Recently 4 leopard cubs were found in a sugarcane field in Maharashtra, India. The farmers who noticed them called the Wildlife SOS team and the Forest Department for help. The help wasn’t delayed and the 4 newborn leopards were taken to the ‘Manikdoh Leopard Rescue Center.’

The vets conducted a health examination to ensure whether they were ready to be released to their mother or not. The 4 cuties were just 2 months old. The cubs were, fortunately, healthy and could return to their mother that day.

The staff put them in a box and put in the fields from where they had been taken. People put hidden cameras to make sure that their mother found them safe and sound. Soon their mother appeared and started to sniff the box. After discovering that her cubs were in the box the caring mother take them out and licked them gently. The kind mother took the to a safer place and got lost in the fields.

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