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Puppy Abandoned In Woods Has Sweetest Reaction To Seeing Her Rescuer

Zoomie is a stray Rhodesian-mix puppy whose family left her in the woods and she needed some help.

She had to take care of herself when she was only 4 months old. She found a nearby stream to drink from and hid under a line of olive trees by the side of the road.

She waited there for more than a week, hoping that her family or a helper would come to find her.

One day, a good Samaritan saw the puppy curled up on the side of the road and started giving her burritos every time he drove by. He then called Adams County Pet Rescue (ACPR) to tell them that a young dog needed help.

Kyya Grant, who is in charge of ACPR, answered the call with a member of her staff. As soon as she got there, she knew it wouldn’t be easy to save them.

Grant told The Dodo, “She was so scared that she barked a lot.” “It’s very hard to catch dogs in this situation.”

Grant decided not to try to force the scared puppy into the crate, but instead to earn her trust slowly. She put the crate away and talked to the puppy to reassure her that everything was fine.

The scared puppy still wouldn’t let Grant get close, so the dedicated rescuer tried something else.

“I only left for a short time. That night, I came back, put some food out, and talked to her again,” Grant said.

Even though the dog was still nervous, Grant could tell that she knew her because she didn’t bark much. Grant put a big pile of dog food on the ground, and the puppy slowly came out from where she was hiding.

The puppy ate a few bites of food before she reached up and put her head in the hand of the person who saved her.

Here is where you can see that moment:

The next day, Grant went back to where the puppy had been on the side of the road. To her surprise, the dog not only remembered the person who saved it, but was also very happy to see her again.

Grant said, “She was so happy.”

The dog was very happy to see that someone had finally come back for her, and she ran around the road to celebrate.

Grant said, “She got all bouncy and zoomie.” “That’s why we called her Zoomie in the end.”

You can see what Zoomie did here:

When it was time to bring Zoomie home, Grant was worried that she might not go into the crate on her own. So she reached down and picked up the dog herself.

Grant said, “She didn’t do anything.” “She let me pick her up, so I put her in the crate and went straight home.”

Grant took Zoomie to ACPR, where the puppy got medical care and was officially added to the list of animals who have been adopted.

Zoomie took a while to come out of her shell, but with the help of the shelter staff, who put her with a calm dog to help her feel more at ease, she started to feel more at home.

Not long after that, a couple went to the shelter and fell in love with Zoomie at first sight. They filled out an adoption form as soon as they could, and Zoomie soon had a family of her own.

Grant says that Zoomie really likes her new life. She usually takes a nap with her new dog sister when she’s not running around with her friends at doggy day care.

Zoomie is missed by the staff, but they will always remember the sweet dog and how her rescue warmed their hearts.

Grant said, “She is the cutest thing ever.”

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