Pregnant Mom Hound Endured Cold Water For 3 Days To Rescue Her Unborn Puppies…

That is a truly heart-warming story! It is so inspiring to see how a mother’s love for her unborn puppies can be so strong.It is great that the mother dog was able to protect her puppies in such a difficult time.

We can all learn a valuable lesson from this story and remember to always show love and care for those who need it the most.

This dog was holding on to a pillar under cold water for 3 days. It is a place that is over 2 meters taller than a person’s height. There’re no stairs to go down, she endured there for 3 days. We don’t know how she was found there. But she was safely rescued and handed over to the shelter.

Looking at the appearance, she is about a year old at least. We had her a checkup. Surprisingly, we found out that she is pregnant…

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