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Poor Dog Abandoned On Roadside With Entire Collection Of Playthings

One morning, while walking, locals in a peaceful Massachusetts town came across an unexpected sight of a dog locked in a crate, abandoned by the roadside.

According to the Hingham Police Department, the 2-year-old Maltese was abandoned along with a leash, blanket, food, coat and full collection of toys. It looks like the dog wasn’t left there for more than an hour as it was found in time and rescued from the frigid weather after being released from the kennel.

The dog was discovered on a peaceful residential street, implying that the person who left it there intended to find the right person to find it. The Boston Animal Rescue League (ARL) adopted the dog, which appears to be in good health after being examined by veterinarians. The dog is clearly grateful to the rescuers for saving him from the rain and enjoys spending time with the staff at the shelter.

“Volunteers and staff noticed the friendly nature of the dog and the way he enjoys his small treats,” The dog has no microchip and doesn’t carry any identification, Authorities are investigating the case.

Our current effort is to investigate the circumstances, including finding the owner. Hingham Police Department said on their Facebook page. “If adoption needs arise in the future, we will provide all relevant updates.”

For now, the dog will be in the care of ARL, where it is content, healthy and safe from the cold Massachusetts streets.


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