Police Department Helps Over 350 Kittens By Writing Off Parking Tickets In Exchange For Shelter Donations

The generosity of the City of Muncie, Indiana helped feed and provide clean housing for over 350 shelter cats, and we think this is a great idea!

When the Muncie Indiana Police Department learned that the Muncie Animal Care and Services Shelter was in dire need of assistance, they came up with a creative plan to help the kitties in need.

Spring time brings sunshine and flowers but it also is the time of year that animal shelters blow up with unwanted kittens and puppies.  Across the country, the burden of this overload often leads to the euthanization of animals simply because of overcrowding.

The Muncie Police Department compassionately decided to step up and help.  Area residents were told they could temporarily pay off parking tickets in exchange for animal supplies.

“If you have a $25 parking ticket, you can bring up to $25 worth of cat food or litter to the Clerk’s Office,” Officer Jamie Browns says in the video. “And you can get your parking ticket to go away with the exchange of the donation.”

Officers also offered to pick up donations and supplies from residents that could not get to the police department.  Donations included canned kitten food, cat food, cat litter, paper towels, monetary donations, and more.

The campaign also helped raise awareness of the dire need for loving homes for the kittens, and educated residents on the importance of spaying and neutering pets to prevent overpopulation.

We’d love to see more cities implement creative ideas like this one to help shelter animals everywhere.  You can help your local shelter by donating time, resources, pet food, cat litter, money for medical expenses, and much more.

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