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Pink Flamingo remembers her savior and returns for snuggles

Elly Albers used to work in the Bonaire Wild Birds Rehab, where they cared for various rescued animals. Her first Flamingo was Baby.

Her parents abandoned her when the bird was too tiny so she stayed with Elly from childhood.

Elly went to Baby every morning and wish her Good morning. They created a very strong bond. Step by step, Baby responded to her name and the commands that Elly gave. But soon the Flamingo became more independent and flew away with other flamingos.

Elly was a bit emotional at that time as she cared for the bird from childhood and it made her miss Baby even stronger. Elly had soon other birds to care for and she did her work perfectly.

Once she met new buddies in Bonair and among them was a Flamingo with bright pink legs who, all of a sudden, wanted to snuggle with Elly. Elly thought it was Baby and when the bird responded to her name Elly was sure it was her.

According to Elly, flamingos do remember you. Soon Baby was 4 years old and raised her kids. Elly was happy that Baby was in the wild and in her natural habitat.

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