Photographs Capture Beautiful Relationship Between A Baby Gorilla And Chimp

Interspecies animal relationships aren’t uncommon, we see them time and time again and it still has the power to melt our hearts.

This story is no exception.

A photographer caught the gentle and heartfelt relationship between a baby gorilla and a baby chimpanzee.

Photographer Michael Poliza captured the moment the two baby apes were playing together, hugging and just being good friends.

A lot of baby animals don’t discriminate in any way, we’ve seen baby monkeys and tigers, puppy’s and tigers and even a dog and an owl.

They have a love that is pure, and unrivaled.

It is difficult to say whether the two will remain friends throughout adulthood. Gorillas can be very territorial and aggressive when they older and as they grow large.

They are used to roughhousing each other so for a smaller animal like a chimp, it may be dangerous.

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