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Photographer Documented The Friendship Between Her Dog And Duck

Natacha is a young amateur photographer from Southern France. She is passionate about both animals and photography and combines both her passions into one. Her recent photography collection features the friendship between her pet dog and a pet duck. The dog, Vendetta is a female German Shepherd, whereas Lemony, the duck, is an Indian Runner Duck.

Vendetta is known to be a doggo who is sweet and friendly with every human as well as every animal. After Lemony was brought home in 2018, the two had no issues in bonding instantly. Lemony was not afraid of Vendetta and began to follow the doggo everywhere. Vendetta is a dog that absolutely adores water, so, Natacha started to take Vendetta and Lemony to a nearby lake.

The human also took them along to the woods and the city. Natacha shared her pictures with hopes of showing the world how special the bond between the duck and doggo was. She also believed that it would transform the manner in which people perceived ducks. Enjoy the heartwarming photographs of the two best buds.

Nose to nose is one of the most intimate moments ever.

Let me give you a forehead kiss for protection.

Smiling for the camera be like.

Aren’t we simply adorable?

Besties cuddling under the blanket together.

Swimming with my best bud.

A bond that is sure to melt your heart.

Perfect sunsets do exist.

Chilling with my best bud be like.

Venturing into the woods together.

The whole gang relaxing together.

Heading out on an adventure.

When you’re a dog but all your friends are birds.

Always together, until death do us apart.

Stop torturing me you pesky little duck.

Whoever said a duck can’t be friends with a dog?

Say woof? Or quack?

Spot the duck.

We live for adventure.

A picture worth a thousand words.

Tired after a long walk to the river.

There is no stronger bond than friendship.

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