Paralyzed Kitten Couldn’t Contain His Zooms After Getting A Wheelchair, Grew Up Into A Handsome Cat (video)

Having paralysis on the animal’s body is not a great idea, especially for the cats who like to run, climb, and explore the world with their curious personality. But Mac the ginger cat has evolved himself with a tiny Lego-built wheelchair and turned out he was acclimated to it. Now he is a really good-looking male kitty who loves to steal people’s hearts!

In 2016, a kitten was found inside of the discarded Mac ‘n’ Cheez box, someone was kind enough to bring him to Massapequa Vet in Long Island, New York. He was diagnosed his back legs were no longer functional because of nerve damage. Mac became a paralyzed little fluffball. But with the staff’s help, Mac now owns a customized harness that is hanging around his hind legs for assisting the maneuver on his daily basis. Mac has really strong front legs to make up his paralyzed back ones.

Caring for a cat with rear-leg paralysis is a challenging task demands the owner must be patient and dedicated. Because injuries or damage to the legs and back may occur when the cat is running around the house, some owners put special clothing called a drag bag or a scoot sack on the pet in order to untie it safely. Scroll down to see how cool this gentleman’s revolution is!

The tiny kitten was rescued from the streets

A video of him “zooming” with a wheeled harness made of repurposed building toys

The resourceful ginger cat has very strong front legs

Caring for a paraplegic cat requires a dedicated owner

Watch the full video here:

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