Horses and people have a long-standing connection and a history of coexisting peacefully and productively. Horses were the first mode of transportation, and even today, the “horsepower” of a car is a measure of its performance. We owe these animals a great deal, which is why we adore them so much. Thus, it is quite understandable why people and horses get along so well.

Although it is common knowledge that these large creatures are wary, the remarkable woman in this video seems to have a soothing influence on them. Watch her as she sprawls out on the ground with her two large infants lying close to, sometimes even on top of her! One of the large guys starts licking her face with his enormous tongue just when you think it couldn’t possible get much prettier!

The longer you watch the video, the more you can see how at ease these two horses are with their mother. Because they look so content to be with one another, it is obvious that this team has worked closely together for a long time.

Everyone who has spent time with horses will be able to see how happy this family is together, and anyone who like horses will enjoy watching this group in action! I have to admit that I am currently really envious of the owner of these horses. How are you doing? Would you have enjoyed receiving kisses from these stunning horses? Please tell us in the comments.

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