More Than 100 Dog Survivors Of Australia’s Bushfires Found Refuge With Friendly Soldiers On An Australian Navy Ship

In recent months, bushfires in Australia have caused thousands of families to lose their homes. Many inhabitants in the Victoria town of Mallacoota were compelled to leave their homes earlier this year.

Due to their dogs, several refugees had problems locating housing. The Navy provided these family their ship so that their dogs could stay there temporarily as a result.

About 135 dogs, 2 cats, 2 birds, a rabbit, and 2 cats in all boarded the enormous ship known as “HMAS Choules.”

To safeguard these creatures, the caring cops even constructed temporary kennels, and they diligently provided for them every day.

a canine floating daycare run by professionals!

In addition, a large number of families travelled on HMAS Choules while awaiting rescue.

There were terrifying tales of loss and lives that will never be the same all across the ship.

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