Mom Looks On In Shock As Her Newly Groomed Pup Finds A Big, Muddy Puddle

“My God” 😱

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“I don’t know what happened,” Kreibich said. “I couldn’t believe it. She was having fun [in the mud].”

The muddy romp left Luna filthy — and she absolutely loved it.

“She was super proud,” Kreibich said. “She’d found herself.”

Luna had evidently uncovered a new passion in life — setting aside the desire to remain spotless all the time.

Afterward, however, Kreibich did give her a bath.

For Luna to realize that she does love dirt and mud after all might have come as unwelcome news to Kreibich, considering the extra cleaning that would entail.

But instead, she’s actually supportive of her pup’s new passion.

“I want her to have fun!” Kreibich said. “I will definitely take her back to the mud puddle to play.”

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