Meet The Little Pup,Rambo,Who Became A Reliable Watchdog After Ukrainian Soldiers Rescued Him

The Ukrainians proved their courage and perseverance in the face of the Russian superpower. But even with the victories of the army of Ukrainian, it is more than heartbreaking to hear about the guiltless blood that has been shed throughout this war. In the midst of the tragedies that took place during this unfortunate event, it is still possible to witness human goodness. Today we look at the story of Rambo, a puppy who was rescued by Ukrainian soldiers from the harsh winter in the Donbass.

There is a video of him on YouTube which has over 30,000 views. In it, Ukrainian soldiers tell how they found a frightened and frozen puppy. Eventually, these kind and brave soldiers decided to adopt him. The little black puppy with clear markings on his belly and snout curiously explores the base and spends time with his companions. One of the soldiers happily tells the reporter that Rambo is their protector. ,,In fact, he does his job very well. He keeps us safe. That is his job.” says one of the Ukrainian soldiers. If there are strangers around, the little puppy can spot them easily.

The other soldiers agree. ,,Rambo does his job well in the front. He’s a small but formidable dog. Rambo plays in the muddy base without feeling the tragedy of battle. And that’s because they have managed to build a strong bond between him and his new friends.”

In the first picture you can see Rambo.

Rambo is the new comrade in Donbass fighting in the frontlines with the other soldiers.

The Ukrainian soldiers in the same location love the little pup.

They tell us how proud they are that they got Rambo as their protector. They can’t stop smiling when they share this information.

In this picture you can see how Rambo plays in the mud.

When one of the troops reminisced how small Rambo was when the soldiers found him he says: ,,He was so tiny that he fit in one hand.”

By the way Rambo isn’t the only dog in the base.

Rambo has a few older siblings.

They serve together as the soldier’s protectors.

One of the soldiers admits: ,,It is hard to smile in this difficult time but we are truly glad that the puppy is with us, doing his job.”

Watch the video below of Rambo and his friends, the courageous Ukrainian troops.

This is in all probability the hope from all of us.

We wish both of them well too!

A related relationship.

We pray that the war will be over soon!

That’s why we are proud of them.

And to the soldiers as well!

All of us do! We are hoping to see an update after the war.

Even if we see the happy faces of the soldiers and the sight of Rambo frolicking around it is still the sad reality of war.

Everybody who watched the video has worries about Rambo. The world fell in love with the precious little pup.

The miserable thing is watching the war unfold before our very eyes.

The war is still going, but we pray that peace will soon reign.

We are all witnesses to the tragic realities of war. With all the shooting and attacks by the Russians, we don’t know what can happen. We hope Rambo and his comrades are safe. And when this is over, we hope the little dog will find a forever home.

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