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Meet ‘Game’ The Maine Coon Kitten With Human Face (Video)

Mine appeared on my porch ultimate summer. Nobody claimed him, he changed into chipped, neutered, six years antique, named waylon! A person cared once for him. It’s been a year, now he’s mine, i’m his. He has such a notable disposition, gets alongside well with my other cats. It took time for him to agree with and emerge as playful, now that he’s now not in survival mode any longer. Accurate, the maine coon is most possibly a descendant of the norwegian forest cat, the most similar cat on document.

Which the vikings used for mousing aboard their ships, and as we recognise, they landed in north the us now not far from maine. Those are the maximum loving cats inside the global. Mine simply likes to be petted. He is really bushy and desires a number of brushing, but he makes up for that by way of being so affectionate. He is simply the great cat, period.

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