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Man Is Overcome With Emotion When He Finds His Lost Huskies At A Pet Adoption Photoshoot

When Sandy Hernandez discovered he’d lost his two huskies, he began looking everywhere for his dogs. The two pups had jumped the fence, escaping the safety of his Miami, Florida backyard.

As soon as he discovered the dogs missing, he began putting up flyers and checking shelters. Distraught, he was determined to find his furry best friends and bring them home safely. He had no idea where or which way they had gone so looking everywhere was his only choice.

Several days had passed with no sign of the dogs when fate stepped in. After receiving a tip from someone who said they took the dogs to a shelter, Hernandez stopped to check the shelter when he saw something that stopped his heart. His two huskies were outside the shelter posing for a photoshoot!

It turned out Ocean Drive Magazine was doing a photoshoot at a local shelter a few days after Hernandez lost the dogs. The shoot was to encourage adoption awareness and bring attention to the dogs living in the city’s shelters.

When Hernandez pulled up, the two gorgeous stars, aka the missing huskies, we’re getting their photo taken to help them get adopted. The photographer figured with their beautiful fur and brilliant blue eyes, they’d be perfect on a website or magazine cover.

A volunteer was holding the dogs and the photographer was videoing the shoot when Hernandez pulled up. His two pups were in their own world, basking in the limelight and enjoying the moment.

The camera was rolling when a car rolled up and the crew heard the explanation, “those are my dogs!” Like a scene from a heart wrenching, he didn’t even park his car, then ran to his dogs, burying his head in their fur, overcome with emotion.

The dogs were ecstatic to see Sandy and the crew was overjoyed that Sandy was reunited with his dogs. He even showed them flyers he’d been plastering all over Miami. Vowing to get the two-escape artist’s microchipped, the happy family went home to celebrate their happy reunion.

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