Lived In The Worst Zoo On The Planet,Lion Bob Was Daved-Now He Has Food And They Like Him

About 2 years ago the photos of the lion Bob, who lived in the Safari Zoo, Fier in Albania went viral. And this not since he enjoyed and they took care of him.

hey left him without food, it was skin and bones. Bob had a black eye and hardly walked. Now the good news is coming for the lion Bob.

The “Felida Center” revealed that Bobi had a hard life at the zoo known as “Europe’s Worst Zoo”, Safari Park Zoo Fier in Albania.

His smashed nose is a reminder of the unhappiness of that suffering. He was sick when we saved him and we were very concerned about his health and healing. However thanks to the extensive care and love he gets at the Felida Big Cat Sanctuary, he became much better.

This winter he was extremely tranquil, he preferred to spend the cold days inside his hot platform, but now he is delighting in time to relax in his sanctuary. It fills our hearts with joy when we see him so happy!

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