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Little Dog Already Adores Her Baby Sister Who Hasn’t Been Born Yet

This pup named Penelope has a brand-new baby sister on the way. But although they won’t meet face-to-face until she’s born in a few more weeks, the dear little dog has already begun showering her with love.

It’s fair to say Penelope is smitten.

Penelope lives in Brazil with her owners, Juliana and her family. Juliana is 34 weeks pregnant — and although Penelope never received an official pregnancy announcement, she seems to understand there’s a little one on the way.

“I think she knows, yes,” Juliana told The Dodo. “She feels like there’s something different. We set up the little nursery room and she goes in and sits under the crib. She’s always been very needy and affectionate, but toward me, it has increased a lot.”

Recently, however, Penelope did something unexpected. As Juliana sat on the couch, the pup approached and began to snuggle — not just with her, but the baby inside her, too.

Here’s video of that touching moment:

Juliana was thrilled to see Penelope’s gesture of affection toward her unborn baby: “It’s the first time she’s done this,” she said. “It was very emotional.”

But she’s not the only one moved by it. After Juliana posted the clip to Facebook, it was viewed nearly 2 million times.

“I’m sure Penelope will be a great big sister,” Juliana said.

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