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Lion Kisses Dog’s Hand,Making 60M Hearts Melted To See The Charming Scene

It is common knowledge that lions often don’t make friends with other animals. However, life is full of things that are beyond what humans can imagine. This makes life so interesting to people who know to enjoy it. This time, a lion shaking hands with his doggo friend will surprise many of us!

The charming video capturing the scene when the lion shakes and kisses the dog’s hand has warmed millions of hearts. Since it was shared on Youtube in January 2018, it has been viewed for more than 60M times and earned 1.2M likes. In the 23 seconds, the white lion, named Miki, stepped toward dog Camila, who was wagging her tail. Then, he scooped up the canine’s right paw, and with a gentle gesture, kissed it. Maybe he was asking the forgiveness from his best friend
Miki and Camila were both under the care of the Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation (BJWT), a non-profit organization that saves big cats and other wildlife in Mexico.

Rescued in 2016, Miki was kept in the apartment as a normal pet, and raised together with Camila. Because the animals stayed together since they were babies, Miki and Camila had a special bond. “[They] have been together all their lives, way before we rescued them, and if they’re not together, they get super nervous,” the staff at the shelter shared.

While it is understandable that animals raised in captivity can form friendships, the admirable friendship between two different animals is nothing but the beauty of life.

Let’s watch the video now:

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