Japanese Safari Park: A Rare Scene To Behold When Baby Lion And Tiger Cub Are Found Inseparable

It is a rare scene to behold when a lion cub and another tiger cub are spotted inseparable in  (Oita prefecture, Japan). Tigers and lions are thought to hardly act like best of friends, but these two adorable cubs remind us that nature always has exceptions.

On Twitter, the African Safari Park has posted pictures documenting the cubs palling around, playing together, and staying side by side. Since posted, the pair has absolutely earned thousand hearts on the network.

More, the post shows that these babies are truly God-blessed creatures. They have the hearts full of love and affection – as there’s a picture of them nuzzling rabbits, too.

The cubs are not the only example proving that animals of different species can form inseparable bonds.  Nature always amazes us with things that seem unlikely to happen, just like the way this lion and tiger cubs befriend each other.

Watch more cute photos here:


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