Wagner Figueiredo de Lima, 34, was died in an automobile accident in the Brazilian state of Paraiba. Sereno, his horse, was one of those loved ones; the two shared a special affinity.
Lima’s funeral was attended by many of his closest friends and relatives. Wando, Sereno’s brother, decided to take part in the march.

Nobody expected what transpired during the ceremony. Sereno appeared to identify the van transporting the casket as the one that had delivered his best friend’s remains. “ Sereno proceeded to go around the casket after smelling it. “According to Kyioshi Abreu, a participant in the event,” he neighed. “An enormous sensation of astonishment and wonder flooded me.” The encounter had a profound impact on everyone in the crowd. “When I saw that photo, I fell into tears.” “There is some controversy regarding whether or not animals can experience grief.

Wando stated that the horse appeared to be aware of what was going on. He had one last wish: to say his final farewells. “This horse meant everything to [Lima],” Wando said. They were said to be inseparable. Sereno and the other mourners followed Lima’s funeral procession to his final resting place.

Sereno looked to be in trouble, according to Wando. The horse mooed and stamped his hooves the entire journey to the cemetery.

Wando and his family adopted the horse as a means to deal with their loss. This horse will undoubtedly receive the support of his new owners while he grieves for his human friends.

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