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Homeless Cat Rescued From 40-Feet-Deep Well, Ends Up In A High-Kill Shelter

Firefighters rescue cats all the time but this firefighter saved this kitty’s life twice!

After his rescue, the cat was taken into the custody of a high kill-shelter.

No one claimed the furry feline, which suffered from fleas, and it was not apparent whether it was wild or domesticated so he was scheduled to be euthanized.

When firefighter’s daughters heard what was going to happen to the poor kitty, they demanded: “Daddy, go get that cat now!”

“They wanted me to get the cat when I rescued him,” said the brave firefighter. “They’ve been begging for the cat.”

He was notified of the cat’s pending demise in the high-kill shelter by a local rescue group who urged him to take action.

But, long before strangers urged him to save Wellie, his two daughters, aged 10 and 11, had pleaded on the cat’s behalf.

The firefighter who had descended 40 feet into a well to rescue the cat, said: “for this kitty to die tomorrow would be a waste of what we did.” so he went to the shelter and rescued Wellie one more time!

“A group of guys at the fire department had some time and effort in getting this cat out of that hole,” he continued.

“We did a big thing and had a positive outcome but this was quickly going from a positive to a negative. It made it worthwhile to go get the cat.”

For now, the cat will reside with the firefighter who saved his life in the first place. However, the future residence of Wellie remains uncertain because the firefighter already has two large hound dogs that “don’t like cats.”

“I might give the cat to my mom — at least that way my daughters can still see the cat.”

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