His family left him abandoned in a pile of garbage and he waited tirelessly for them to return.

All dogs deserve a home where they can receive love and care for a happy life. However, there are times when they are neglected and subjected to terribly unfair treatment that puts their lives at risk, writes fancy4work

Ollie-Loo is a beautiful little dog who couldn’t understand that he had been left behind in a pile of garbage .

The puppy was left to fend for itself in the city of Detroit.

He was sure that sooner or later they would come back for him ; but this simply did not happen.

Terry Looby is a rescuer for the Animal Welfare Group, she was in the area for a call about another puppy in distress; but when she passed by the road and saw Ollie she knew she had to help him . It was very cold and the poor thing did nothing but snuggle up tenderly on a chair to be able to withstand the low temperatures

“They are part of the family. How dare they leave them behind?

It was clear that he had not eaten for a couple of days and was extremely confused . When Terry spoke with the neighbors of the place he learned his sad story from him.

When the family left everyone thought they would be back for Ollie in a matter of minutes but they never did. They returned to take a puppy that they had left with him, but they did not care about the life of the other loyal dog that stayed there waiting for them.

According to witnesses, Ollie’s family was evicted from their home.

When he saw that the pup had indeed been saved, Ollie was even more confused . In any case, he refused to move from the place. He preferred to be around the old belongings of his family.

Terri approached him affectionately. It took her a couple of minutes to gain the puppy’s trust but before she knew it she was giving him huge kisses as a sign of thanks.

“I told him, ‘Come on, man. You will be fine’”.

He took him to the vet and there they realized how delicate his situation was. Ollie-Loo needed a particularly expensive surgical procedure ; so they had to ask for help on the networks to save the life of this sweet puppy.

As soon as his story broke, donations poured in for sweet Ollie . They managed to operate on him and take him to a temporary home where he received the necessary care to recover.

Ollie had a major fracture in his femur.

There he met two little pugs with whom he got along wonderfully and showed that he really was a dog with a huge heart . His recovery was a complete success and in a matter of months he found a definitive home where he knows that he will never be forgotten as if he were just another piece of garbage.

Ollie’s new owner says that he is not aware of his size and behaves like a small dog.

We celebrate the new life of this beautiful puppy. Thanks to the work of rescuers and people willing to give these innocent animals a temporary home; more and more people manage to lead a life full of love . Share this happy ending!

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