Heart-Melting Moment Little Girl Enjoys A Cosy Nap As Her Five Cats Doze Off Around Her

The little girl snuggles up with her five cats during a cosy nap together.

We have to admit we all love a good nap, but this girl in China may have had the best snooze in the world with cuddles from her five feline friends.

Trending worldwide footage shows the two-year-old Xiao Xi enjoying a little nap whilst her five family cars snuggled up to her in their home in the northern China Hebei Province.

Our daughter shares a close blond with the moggies, they love to stay close to her.

Ms Chen, a photography lover, has been documenting the friendship between her child and the family pets online since September 2019.

Within the year, the couple welcomes four more recuse cars and a stray beagle into their home in the city of Shijiazhuang.

I was so touched by what I saw. It really warmed my heart, and I also felt bad for Wang Cai. I thought maybe he saw Xiao Xi as a mother or a sibling.

‘He was really little when we found him, all alone in the rain. It was really sad,’ Ms Chen said.

One commenter wrote on Ms Chen’s photographs: ‘Your videos are always so healing and heart-warming! What a lucky little girl.’

Another user said: ‘Everyone is sleeping with their paws up, meaning they are very relaxed. Cats and dogs would only sleep like this when they are in an environment they are completely comfortable with.’

Last year, an adorable video of a little girl taking a nap with her two pets warmed the hearts of millions in China.

The three-year-old girl is seen holding her pet cat, ‘Motor’, in her arms while being spooned by her golden retriever, Dabao, as the trio enjoyed an afternoon snooze in the comfort of their own home.

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