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Guy Has Shared His Car With An Enormous Spider For The Past Year

These days, even when Christopher Taylor appears to be by himself out and about in Australia, he’s never really alone in his car.

Turns out, for the last year or so, Taylor has been sharing his vehicle with an unlikely copilot — this enormous huntsman spider, whom Taylor calls Steve.

She just appeared one day about a year ago on the dashboard when I stopped at the light,” Taylor told LADBible. Huntsman spiders aren’t dangerous to people, so he decided to let her stay.

Generally, Steve prefers to stay nestled out of sight under Taylor’s sun visor. But though a car might not seem like the most spider-friendly environment, Steve has apparently managed to thrive there.

Taylor said that, over their many months together, Steve has gone on to double in size.

While Taylor may have grown used to Steve’s harmless presence in his car over the last year, she continues to leave a big impression on those who haven’t met her yet.

“When I have passengers in my car, they are often startled or scream,” Taylor said. “Steve is great at keeping me more alert when I drive.”

There may come a time, of course, when Steve decides to move back outdoors — or perhaps upgrade to a newer model car — but until then, Taylor is enjoying the ride with her by his side.

“Driving is far more exciting with her in there,” he said.

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