Gorgeous Moment Man Comforts Sick 1,400 Pound Bear With A Hug

Bears are cute, fluffy, and very lovely animals at first sight. However, they can be dreadfully dangerous too. But the man of our story accepted this enormous creature as a fluffy toy to hug.

Jim Kowalczik and his wife have been keeping bears and caring for them for many years. They had a 100-acre property with 11 bears at the time of this post, including black, brown, and Kodiak bears.

Jim knew this Kodiak bear Jimbo from childhood so for him giving a hug to this giant bear was an actual ritual. Jimbo had some health problems and at the time when this video was captured the bear was back from the veterinary clinic and was heart-broken. So his caring owner gave him a warm hug.

At the time these photos and videos were taken the giant bear was 24 years old. He was the biggest one in Kowalczik’s family weighing 1400lbs and stretching around 9 and a half feet high.

Jim’s wife told that Jimbo was very gentle and kind-hearted bear despite his size. That’s why he was also called gentle giant. The woman tell that bears are like little children and they return what you give them. If you love them with all your heart then you will get the same from them.

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