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Giant Crabs Invade Family’s Picnic And Steal Their Food

Imagine going to camp on an island, but your plan goes down by a group of crabs! That’s what happened with one family, who went camping on Christmas Island in Australia, but faced with a group of giant robber crabs!

It was an ordinary day, until a group of robber crabs, that are also known as coconut crabs, decided to suddenly show up looking out for food!

Amy Luetich that this was the first time in her life to see so many crabs like these! She also added that they regularly camp in the same area, but never seen so many of these creatures!

The funny thing was that the crabs started showing up when the family started cooking! Some of the crabs climbed up the table, while some other climbed onto the barbecue!

There were 52 crabs looking for food! The scene was creepy in some way, but in other way it was fantastic! However, the families on the Christmas Island just wanted to enjoy the moment with the crabs and even took some pictures, that were shared on the Facebook page of Christmas Island Tourism! What an experience! Watch the video below.

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