German Shepherd Puppy With Swimmer’s Syndrome Teaches Herself To Run

Being dumped in a cardboard box was just the beginning of the struggles that this sweet German shepherd puppy would face.

When a woman came upon an empty beer box with two tiny ears sticking up out of it, she quickly tried to help. She picked up the little sweet German shepherd puppy from inside but as she held her close, she immediately knew that something wasn’t right.

She drove the little puppy to a local shelter. While there, they determined that the puppy, who was happily wagging her tail, couldn’t stand on her own. Animal control thought the pup might have internal organ damage and suggested humane euthanasia.

With the needle literally in the hand of shelter staff, the executive director of the shelter walked in and said, “Let’s get a second opinion.” He went on to say that there was something special about the puppy and that he saw “a spark of life” that couldn’t be ignored.

So, they whisked the happy little pup off to the vet. There, she was diagnosed with “swimmer’s syndrome.” Although the condition would be a challenge and take work, it could also be treated. Next, the puppy was sent to the perfect foster home.

Her young foster and the family instantly fell in love with the puppy that they named Starfish. They were 100% committed to caring for her. Although the dog couldn’t walk, her foster, Maggie, worked tirelessly to help Starfish with her physical therapy so that one day she could.

Daily, they did physical therapy, water therapy, and obstacle course training. Starfish repaid all the hard work by trying her best to learn to walk. The determined pup never gave up her will and never let her disability hold her back from trying.

Over and over, week after week, Starfish tried to walk until one day she took her first wobbly steps across the yard all by herself. From there, she continued to improve with Maggie by her side.

One year later, Starfish is a healthy, vibrant dog that not only can walk, but she can also run! She doesn’t let anything slow her down and has become a permanent part of her foster family’s home.

Thanks to the Executive Director, John, for seeing something special in Starfish and giving her a chance at life. And, to her foster family for loving and caring for her so much. It’s amazing what can happen when no one gives up.

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