German Shepherd Puppy And Adorable Baby Meet For The First Time

What is cuter than puppies and babies? A cute baby and German shepherd puppy meeting for the first time!

Nothing is sweeter than this beautiful baby girl meeting a German shepherd puppy for the first time. The baby Zlata’s reaction to meeting the puppy is adorable. The expressions on her sweet little face are priceless as she and the puppy share their first encounters with each other.

Baby and puppy are sitting on the couch when the tiny shepherd begins to investigate its new little friend. The sweet puppy cries and walks around then finally goes in for a sniff of the cute tot dressed in purple.

The baby smiles as she touches the dog’s teeny paws for the first time and the puppy gives Zlata kisses on her tiny fingers. The way these two look at each other is just too cute for words.

What comes next comes is no surprise since we’ve got a mini land shark here. The puppy gives the baby a gentle nibble on her hand. The baby must find it amusing since she offers the puppy her little fingers to nibble on next.

When the puppy moves on down to her cute bare feet, she draws the line. With a little scowl, she pushes the puppy away several times as the cute pup tries to bite her feet and toes.

The German shepherd puppy is determined to get a little taste of baby feet and continues to play with the baby’s tootsies. But the baby clearly is drawing her boundaries and pushed the puppy away. Maybe we’re watching a future little dog trainer.

But like a puppy boomerang, the dog just gently nibbles her hands, feet, and knees of its new little friend. Finally, the baby gets her way and the little pup leaves her alone but we know it won’t be long before these two are at it again.

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