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German Shepherd Mom Is Captivated By Her Puppies

Maternal love is a concept that is almost impossible to describe with words. It is a feeling that can only be experienced deep inside. It makes a woman rejoice, looking at her child, experiencing a mixed emotional wonderment for the being she had been carrying under her heart. She felt every movement and stirring within herself and felt one more life inside her, and with it – joy and happiness.

The unbearable pain at birth did not dull her feelings, but, on the contrary, strengthened them. She was aided by the desire to meet the long-awaited baby as soon as possible. The first mother’s kiss, the first smile, the first teardrop – all this is and will remain just hers until the end of her life.

You think we were talking about human mothers, don’t you? Well, not necessarily so. As you can see in the video, animal mothers show a range of emotions resembling humans to an amazing extent. Pona, the German Shepherd, is a new mother. She seems to be extremely intrigued with her new litter of puppies. She looks at them with pride as only mothers can. She is gathering them in a bunch, making sure every single one of her precious pups is safe and close to her bosom. What a loving and caring mother!


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