German Shepherd Is Extra Careful As He Watches Over His New Baby Chicks

German shepherds are protective, herding dogs so when this one is surrounded by a bunch of tiny baby chicks, he’s happy to tenderly watch over them.

Thorin the adorable German shepherd is just doing his job.  He’s looking after a bunch of baby chicks and takes time out to give a few sniffs and kisses.  He’s been waiting all day for this moment and is not about to miss any of it.

When mom takes the baby chicks out of the incubator, Thorin is right there watching her every move as she carefully places them in a bucket.  Once she removes them all, she carries them to another room while he follows closely along.

Once there, mom removes the chicks one by one and places them on the rug.  The big dog wags his tail, watches, and then carefully sniffs all the chicks, checking out each and every one of them.

After checking them all out, he’s satisfied with his inspection.  He carefully walks around the chicks and has a stretch before lying down with them; being sure he doesn’t step on one or lay on any of them.

As the chicks explore their new surroundings, Thorin watches and gives them a few gentle nudges and sniffs them.  As the chicks gather around his big paws, he looks like he’s happily smiling down at them.

As far as predators and prey go, the chicks are not afraid of him at all.  They walk right up to his mouth and paws, completely at peace in their new world.

What a good dog Thorin is for taking such care over his little chicks.

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