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Friendship Between An Orphaned Giraffe And Baby Elephants!

These animals could teach us humans a thing or two about love and friendship 💗

What a beautiful moment 💓 these babies have both their mamas and are sharing their love with each other 👏👏👏🤗
Thank you so much for rescuing him, they are sharing their love. 💞💞 How Amazing…!

In the wild, young that have their mother is extremely vulnerable; they roam and are easily preyed upon by other predators.
Fortunately, passersby discovered Kiko, an orphaned giraffe baby, wandering alone and wobbly in Kenya’s Meru National Park.

Right after that, a David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) rescue team was dispatched to transport him from Meru National Park to their Nairobi Nursery. They were well aware that the newborn animal required immediate assistance to survive.

The baby giraffe is relocated to a safer location, which can be considered an animal nursery, and there is someone to care for the orp.haned giraffe, feeding it and providing it with the care it requires to survive.

In this place, Kiko feels safe and happy!

He no longer has to try hard for a living, he loves his adopter, and he gradually becomes happier and more willing to make new friends. Weiwei and Lobito, two newly arrived orphaned baby elephants, are his best friends.
We adore both these gentle souls. 

Weiwei and Lobito enjoy lying on Kiko’s belly and resting their backs on his hips and neck, which he always allows. Lobito, in particular, is only three weeks old and has grown quite attached to Kiko, following him wherever he goes.

Kiko is also very cheerful and acts like a big brother, caring for his two younger siblings and frequently taking them out. They have formed an unbre.akable bond.
Thank you to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and the park keepers who feed and protect these rare animals.

You guys made the world a better place!

Thank you for to all of you that save and care for our precious animals in the world ❤️❤️

We are so thankful to these men who take precious care of these beautiful animals.

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