Following Her Rescuer After Being Delivered From Danger,A Baby Elephant Won’t Stop

When Moyo was just a few days old, she nearly drowned while attempting to cross a flooded river. The young elephant was discovered just in time since a troop of hyenas was about to approach her after leaving her herd.

Moyo was taken by rangers to the Wild Is Life refuge, whose founder Roxy Danckwerts adopted Moyo as her own child.

Moyo, who is now 14 months old, always accompanies Danckwerts. Danckwerts remarked, “She knows my voice, my smell, and someway always knows where I am. I have no idea how. Because Moyo continues growing bigger and her forays about the home are more challenging to control, it gets tougher over time.

She is one of those creatures with whom Danckwerts has developed an exceptional connection, trust, and affection. Letting go will be difficult. I’m steadfast and confident in the path I’ve chosen, though.

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