Firefighter Rescued A Puppy And Then Changed His Life Forever

A pit bull was saved from a fire by a firefighter, and that experience profoundly altered his life. Pit bull puppy Jake’s near-fatal tragedy was finally turned around for the better by the person who put his own life in danger to save him.

Bill stated to The Dodo:

“I observed the mother and numerous cubs deteriorating. When a piece of the ceiling collapsed on top of a dog that was attempting to escape, I noticed him. He began to scream but was able to stop himself, and he found himself backed into a corner and hunched.

said Biil:

“When I took him outdoors, he was in poor condition. He did not move. He had no breath. Until we could give him oxygen, I gave him mouth-to-snout resuscitation.

The small puppy was taken to an emergency veterinary clinic despite being severely burnt. When Bill went to check on Jake a few weeks later to see how he was doing, they discovered that the puppy’s folks had left him at the clinic.

Again, Bill intervened to save the boy’s life. Jake’s recuperation might take many weeks because he has burns covering more than 70% of his body, but fortunately Bill was there to make sure the dog wasn’t left alone.

Bill started bringing Jake along when he worked shifts at the firehouse as Jake got stronger and his burns started to heal. The creature was ideal. Everyone was ecstatic about Jake.

John said:

“Simply said, it is the cutest little thing ever. Everyone was smitten by him.”

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