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Fantastic occasion in Thailand, a herd of 50 Elephants Crosses a Highway!

They had the right too…amazing moment! 🐘🐘💕

It was most probably their highway, years ago, well before man concreted it over, and these elephants are just following the path of their ancesters ❤️

You might think these scenes are only seen in fantasy films, but they actually happened: it’s the migration journey of a large herd of elephants!
The herd of wild elephants crossing the highway in Chachoengsao province, Thailand, halted traffic on a major road in Thailand, but it also provided an opportunity for dozens of people to witness this rare spectacle!

Locals congregate on both sides of the road to observe these placid creatures. They were amazed at this magnificent sight!
For the past few days, wildlife officers have been dispatched to monitor the elephants. When they saw them approaching the highway, they immediately called the police and closed it down. The police were called in to ensure that the elephants passed safely and without incident.

People don’t seem to mind the wait because the most important thing is that the elephants are safe!

The herd was led across the road by a large matriarchal elephant, who ambled across the dense forest on the other side. The rest of the herd was close behind her, one elephant paused for a moment before continuing because the whole elephant heard the road clearly in less than 40 seconds.

A herd of elephants was also seen crossing the Kazangula highway in Kasane. The Chobe National Park in northern Botswana is home to thousands of elephants. It is well known that this area, as well as Thailand, has one of the highest densities of elephants.

The elephants here are loved and protected, so they show no signs of [] of humans!

Hope they all get to live a very long peaceful happy life.
Amazing sight… Thanks to all those careing Rangers giving these Beautiful Elephants their freedom in their own environment where all the Wild life should be free in their own Habitat 💕🐘💕

God Bless them All & Protect…! 🐘🙏🙏

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