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Family Abandoned Him A Devoted Dog Waits In An Empty House For Weeks

Freon, a 2-year-old Boxer mix, was unsure of how to respond when he saw dispatcher Donna Lichmann standing at the top of the staircase. It was the first time in more than two weeks that he had seen anyone.

The first time Lichmann heard of Freon was when a local landowner called the Stray Rescue of St. Louis animal shelter to report finding an abandoned dog in one of his horses.

The landlord informed the shelter staff that Franklin’s family had relocated to a home without pet restrictions and that they had left Franklin trapped in a stairwell for more than a week before letting anyone know he was there. Lichmann jumped in her car and drove directly to the horse farm after hearing this.

As soon as Lichmann arrived on the scene, she stopped in front of a closed door in the foyer where Freon was reportedly resting.

When I opened the door, I could see him huddled on one of the landings. Lochmann, the hospital’s chief life-saving officer, told The Dodo.

The food bowls that someone had abandoned allowed Freon, who was by himself, to survive for more than two weeks in the stairs. He also kept a supply of water in order to stay cool during the sweltering summer days.

To Lichmann’s surprise, the terrified dog didn’t show when she attempted to put a leash on him as she descended the stairs to Freon’s landing.

Lichmann noted that he hesitated a bit before agreeing to accompany me. But after a brief exchange with Vienna’s messages, he exited through the front door and up the stairs.

Someone who didn’t yet have a name did something as soon as they entered the automobile that caught Lichmann’s attention.

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According to Lochmann, he naturally stopped in front of them and pressed his face into the bushes. He was given the name “Freon” because he liked the feeling of cool air on his face.

Everyone was won over by Froon the moment he arrived at the hostel.

The prankster “kissed everyone in [the] clinic, even when he got his shots,” according to a FaceBook post. The article continues by stating that no other dog had ever behaved in that way before.

Froon spent a brief period of time at the hospital’s clinic, where he received the medical care he required after spending so much time alone.

As soon as Fron returned to full health, he became eligible for adoption, and his adoption listing didn’t last very long.

According to Lochmann, he has his everlasting family at this point. He has a canine brother as well.

Froon is currently thriving in his temporary residence, and the staff at Stray Rescue of St. Louis is delighted that he can put his tragic past behind him.

We love you, sweetheart, the animal sanctuary wrote in a tweet announcing Froon’s adoption. “No turning back” exists.

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