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Enormous Dogs Have No Clue Just How Big They Really Are

We usually get our dogs when they are just small puppies, and it’s such a joy to keep them in our laps, hug them, and carry them around. Well, those dogs eventually grow to their full size, and they become too heavy to carry around or to keep in our laps.

Every dog owner with a large dog breed knows that in the dog’s mind, they have absolutely zero clue they’re no longer small puppies. They are not the big dogs that they really are as far as they are concerned.

Dogs may grow physically but forever stay young in their hearts, and they still want to do stuff they did when they were tiny puppies. And that leads to soooooo many funny and adorable situations…

People share photos of the largest, most playful, fluffiest, and childish dogs that you’d want to cuddle all day long and get lost in their fur. We have selected some of the best, and we know you are going to love them.

1. “This Is Ben. He Has A Beard. And He Is Human-Sized. We Get Fun Looks In Traffic”

2. “He May Look Like A Bear But He Identifies As A Lap Dog”

3. “Bonner, Newfoundland, Can Often Be Spotted In Our Rehabiliation Unit Encouraging Patients”

4. “Here’s Another One Of Our Rescues, Yuki”

However, just because a pooch is huge doesn’t mean that it has to be overweight. If you want to keep your pet healthy, be careful not to cross that “overweight” line. It’s very hard to notice when large breeds cross that line because 10 pounds extra aren’t really visible on a 150-pound dog.

PDSA, UK’s leading vet charity, says that a dog’s food is “an essential part” of their fitness. So, people shouldn’t focus on exercise alone – a proper diet is equally important as exercise.

“Making sure they are fed on a complete diet which keeps them at their ideal weight is important to keep them fit and healthy. As a general rule, we tend to give our pets too much food, which can lead to obesity and reduced activity levels,” a PDSA representative stated.

5. “Once A Lap Dog, Always A Lap Dog”

6. “Big Dogs Can Be Scared At The Vet Too”

It may sound strange, but It’s better to give your dog too little food than too much when we’re living in a society of abundance. You should find out what your dog’s ideal weight is.

If you can’t find that info online, then you should consult an expert or a vet. If you want to keep your pet healthy, it implies some effort on your behalf.

“The best way to monitor your dog’s food intake is to weigh both them and their food. You can discuss your dog’s weight with your vet and check their body condition at home. Once you have a starting point and know what their target weight should be, start weighing and monitoring their food and treats to see how much they’re getting,” the PDSA said.

7. “My 85 Lb Dog Is Scared Of My Sister’s 1,5 Lb Foster Kitten”

You might want to try weighing out their portions at the start of the week to make it easy to keep track of what’s being fed. Reweigh your dog after a few weeks and see if they’ve gained, lost, or maintained their weight, then adjust their amount of food to fit your goal.”

8. “This Big Boy With His Pooh”

9. “This Christmas Tree Farm Has Newfies That Will Cart Your Tree To Your Car For You”

10. “Our Daughter Who Is Now 3 And One Of Our Saint Bernards Who Is Now 9”

11. “Big House Cow Meets Little House Cow”

12. “Bruce Wayne Is A Big Snuggly Cane Corso”

13. “There Was A Giant Traffic Jam In The Walkways At The Expo. I Finally Found Out What Was Slowing Everyone Down. This Giant Bear Dog Was Getting Pets By Thousands Of People”

14. Big Yawn

15. Need help?

16. “Our Neighbor Sent Me This Adorable Display Of Pure Joy Between Our Dogs. They Finally Got Him A Stool So He Could Greet His Big Friend Properly”

17. Lapdog?

18. “I Look Like Walrus? But I Am Dog. I Big Sof Floof. No Walrus. Bamboozled”

19, Big Boy

20. “16 Months Apart”

21. “I Swung By My Old Place To Help My Former Roommate With Some Things. The Neighbor’s Dog Recognized Me And Gave The Perfect Greeting. Believe It Or Not, This Guy Is Still A Puppy”

22. “Monty The Big Friendly Giant”

23. Lazy

24. “Seamus The Irish Wolfhound Is A Gentle Giant”

25. “My 93 Lb German Shepherd Is Pretty Pleased With The Amount Of Inconvenience He’s Causing”

26. “Ridiculously Massive Doggo Spotted On The Underground”


27. Tall Boy

28. “Meet Carl The 150 Pound Lion/Good Boy Hybrid”

29. “One Year Old Today. 97 Pounds. 31 Inches Tall”


30 .“A Rottweiler? Well I Must Admit I Have Always Preferred Lap Dogs” Granny Before She Met Gus

31. “Lincoln The Dane”

32. “Meet Simba. He’s A Leonberger”

33. “This Heat Is Unbearable For Ralphie The Newf”

34. “Saw A Gentle Giant At The Vets. She Was A Darling And Sat Down With Her Owner While They Waited”

35. “Koji, My Gentle Giant”

36. A puppy

37. “In Person, Zammy’s Bigger Than Life. Seriously. He Just Astonishes The Expecting Passers-By”

38. “My Old Gym Teacher Beast Of A Dog. He’s 6’3ish””

39. “Warning: Bear Spotted In UK”

40. “My Wonderful Teddybears”

41. “My Dad And My Dog (Dad Is 6’2″)”

42. “Our Now 6 1/2 Month Puppy. The Vet Has Said He Is Not At All Over Weight Just Big Boned”

43. “Majestic Malamute”

44. “Just A Little Girl In A Big Dog World”

45. Riding shotgun

46. “Absolute Unit Parked Next To Me At A Gas Station”

47. “Dog or a Pony?”

48. “Meet Heisenberg. He Likes Hugs. I’m A 6’1″ 300 Lbs Man. He’s Almost As Big”

49. “Spanish Mastiff U N I T”

50. “This Dog. The Photo Doesn’t Do Him Justice. He’s A Beast”


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