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Dylan Is a Great Master of a Comfortable Lego-Wheelchair

The stories of paralyzed pets were so heart-touching that hardly anyone can pass indifferent next to them.

The hero of this story was a little puppy named Gracie whose owners got rid of her when they heard she had only 2 legs. The little dog was born without front paws and she didn’t know what was going on around her.

Gracie was living in the street when kind people found her and took her to the vet. There she was examined and the Turley family welcomed her in their shelter.

They have lots of paralyzed pets who were using wheelchairs and know how to treat them properly. But this time their son Dylan solved the problem of Gracie’s walking. He constructed a little wheelchair for her. As it was difficult to find a little wheelchair that will be the size of Gracie he constructed it with his legos.

Gracie was very happy that she could walk finally. She could even run with her lego-wheelchair. It was cheaper and more comfortable as the size could be changed when the dog would get bigger. Of course, when she got older she acquired a new wheelchair without legos.

Now she lives very happily.

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