Dog With Shoelace Entangled Around His Neck Walked The Streets For A Year Before Assistance Arrived

The dog, Gus, was seen stumbling about Houston in poor condition. For a full year, shoelaces were wrapped around the neck of this poor, tortured dog, causing his face to enlarge. His trachea had also been harmed by the shoelace, which was lodged in his epidermis.

He was also starving and dirty. According to X-rays, Gus had been shot with a pellet gun at least 25 times, and some of the bullets were still within his body.

The worst was behind this dog, and now was the time for him to ask for help. Gus was abandoned when Laura Jean found him in the streets, so she quickly took some pictures of him and put them on Facebook to ask for assistance.

Jean hesitated to approach Gus for fear that he would cross the street against the flow of traffic. She was unhappy with all the vehicles that may have helped her but didn’t.

Thank goodness, Houston K-911 Rescue came soon to Jean’s aid and started looking for Gus. He was found by them hiding amid the demolished structures at that point. They were more aware of how seriously ill he was as they approached him.

They immediately rushed him to the doctor for treatment, then they sent him to a soft tissue surgeon to have the scar tissue surgically removed. After surgery, his enormous head eventually returned to normal size.

From there, he relocated to his new foster home with Marina Harrison, who works at the animal hospital where Gus had his operation. She is giving Gus wonderful care, and while he heals, he will keep getting laser treatments.

Gus won’t be available for adoption for a few more weeks as he needs more time to recuperate completely.

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