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Dog Who Was Starving And Tied To A Tree Now Rescued And Thriving

A long-legged, emaciated Dogo Argentino mix tied to a tree in someone’s backyard was what initially caught the eye of a landlord who owns property in a Miami, FL neighborhood, writes

Upon observing the state of this dog and mentioning it to some of his tenants, the tenants — self-described as always having been “huge dog people” — decided to go see this dog who was a few blocks away.

Arriving at the house, the four roommates — Stephanie, Alexandra, Hugo and Alejandro — approached the dog, giving him food and water. The man who lived in this home soon arrived and confronted the strangers in his backyard. He told them that this was his nephew’s dog and that he “wasn’t interested in taking care of him.” Immediately, the four roommates offered to take this dog, to which the man agreed.

The four roommates next called Animal Control, but upon being told that there was a chance that this dog would be euthanized, they decided to instead welcome him into their home.

Now free from being tethered to a tree with a chance to live the life this dog always deserved, it became time to choose a new name for him. Alexandra came up with the name “Ganesh,” a perfect moniker for this dog whose life had just changed. Stephanie told BarkPost:

“[W]e all loved it because in Hinduism it signifies the God of overcoming obstacles who paves the way for a new beginning. We all felt it was very fitting for a boy who had a whole new life ahead of him.”

Once rescued, Ganesh received a much-needed bath, removing dirt and fleas. Ganesh was also treated to a something of a doggie spa day with a post–bath coconut oil rubdown.

Along with his new beginnings, it was apparent that Ganesh needed medical attention. However, it wasn’t clear how extensive his needs would be. Stephanie set up a GoFundMe account for Ganesh and donations began pouring in, so much so that within a day they had raised so much that they decided to close the donations as they “felt it was enough to care for his medical needs and other expenses.”


As it turned out, besides needing to gain muscle, be neutered, and get rid of an ear infection related to a mild case of ear mites, Ganesh was in surprisingly good health!

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