Dog Was Found After Escaping From A Dog Meat Farm In Bali

Although it may be difficult to believe, the illegal dog meat trade still exists in many areas of the world. Despite this sad news, a story of resistance and want to live stars a dog who was discovered immediately after escaping from a meat farm.

Mo is a nice puppy that was reportedly apprehended in order to be sent to an illegal farm on the Indonesian island of Bali. Mo is said to have slipped off the back of the dog catcher’s bike and crawled into a sewer.

It was concealed for two weeks in this location before being discovered barely in time owing to the efforts of members of an animal care group.

Mo was laying in the sewer, starving, afraid, and in bad condition, and he needed medical help right now. Her snout was also bound with duct tape, and her rear legs were bound with a shoelace, a very heinous circumstance.

Mo never gave up hope of being rescued, despite her awful circumstances, and battled valiantly for her life throughout.

Mo had various psychological traumas as a result of his assault, but the most difficult physical obstacle he faced was repairing his severely damaged nose. Unfortunately, the duct tape across her lips had cut off blood flow, and the meat on her nose was quickly decaying.

As a result, they brought the dog to surgery, where they meticulously sutured her snout and implanted many skin grafts.

The entire veterinary team was concerned since they didn’t know if Mo would be able to undergo such a demanding and difficult procedure.

Mo had gone through a lot of pain and didn’t have much strength, but he awoke and began wagging his tail, to to everyone’s surprise.

Mission Pawsible has been in charge of Mo’s recuperation since the beginning of his rescue and rehabilitation procedure.

Soon after, the cute puppy gained weight, her blood flow improved, her muzzle recovered sensibility, and her kind attitude shone through. Despite having been through a lot of tribulations, Mo proved to be a really kind and compassionate creature that totally trusted people and exhibited a lot of affection.

Mo was able to change into the adorable little puppy she had always been and make a full recovery thanks to everyone engaged in her care.

Following her complete recovery, a loving family chose to adopt beautiful Mo and provide her with the home she had always deserved.

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