Dog Passed Away In Owner’s Arms After A Panic Attack Caused By Fireworks!

Hopefully, no other dog will have to go through something like this!

While watching fireworks is a wonderful sight for some, it is not at all enjoyable for the dogs. When many dogs hear fireworks, they run and, and even show signs of anxiety such as restlessness, panting, pacing, and whining.

Fireworks are another source of anxiety and panic for dogs who are sensitive to loud noises!

This tr.agic inc.ident occu.rred as a result of fi.reworks. Antonella Modasjazh, the dog’s owner, shared this [he.artbre.aking] story after her po.or old dog Magui di.ed from pa.nic atta.cks ca.used by fir.eworks. They are deeply hu.rt when she was unwell while others are having a good time.

The family attempted to contact local veterinarians but received no response. The helpless old dog di.ed while being held in the arms of her son, Antonella.

The bereaved family was taken aback. What a tr.agic and he.artbre.aking for this dog’s family!

This tr.agic incident serves as a reminder of how much of impact fir.eworks can have on our dogs. While the situation is not as ba.d as it could be in most cases, they do suffer from pa.nic att.acks!

When you want to set off fir.eworks, consider your pets or neighbors so that no other dog is in the same ba.d situation!

This is he.artbre.aking; please pray for the sweet pup’s better life in heaven

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