Dog Guard Injured Friend After Being Hit By Car All Night Until Helping Hands Arrive

It is known that dogs are loyal, and they do what they can for their owners or their doggie friends, and this story proves that perfectly. The video below shows a loyal dog taking care of its friend, that had been hit by a vehicle.

The faithful dog never left its friend’s side all night and next morning until the help came. Marina Assuncao, a vet nurse, said that they received a phone call about the dog on February 14th afternoon but they could not able to go as they do not have enough vets but they then go to the same location the next morning.

She also added that when the dog saw them approaching, it became aggressive and violent, but they were able to gain its confidence gradually. When they took the wounded dog, the loving dog had jumped on the bench to stay beside its friend, and it also tried to keep it relaxed by licking it.

The dog was given water, food, and medication but it was not able to walk, so it will be examined by a vet to see if any spine or rib fractures have occurred. Thankfully, the injured dog is now receiving the treatment it needs at a non-profit organization called (Adopt Iguatu), that is running an online fundraising effort to continue taking care of the animal. They also hope that the both dogs will be adopted soon. Watch the video below.

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