Dog approaches boy with brain i.n.j.u.ry to lift his spirits.

Dogs enhance the beauty of the world.❤❤

Despite the boy’s condition, the dog tried to help the boy feel better

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When Caleb was traveling with his parents, siblings and his sibling and a careless driver veered into their lane and str.u.c.k their car and the driver unintentionally took Caleb’s mother and both of her children’s lives.

Caleb, a six-year-old boy, nevertheless, amazingly lived. Even yet, his wounds were critical enough to threaten his life.

Caleb was the only survivor, but he was suffered from serious injuries. While his broken bones would heal but his traumatic head injury may cause death, paralysis, and long-term brain damage.

The experts recommended employing a dog as a non-conventional treatment, a dog by Caleb’s side might encourage movement and help in recovery, therefore the medical team wanted to verify this theory through simple interaction.

His health has significantly improved since having a golden retriever by his side.

Colonel, a golden retriever, provided Caleb with a creative method of getting “therapy.”. Alongside his trainer Susan, the dog sat next to him. They were waiting for Caleb to respond in some way.

Colonel wiggled his way almost onto Caleb’s tiny body to keep him company, and even attempted to mount him while he was sleeping.

Miraculously, Caleb’s breathing and heartbeat rate suddenly functioned better. Thanks to Colonel.

Colonel had an unexplainable physical and emotional effect on Caleb. Every time Colonel visited, the youngster lit up. Soon, Caleb became fully awake and eager to sit up and connect with the cute dog.

The best explanation for this phenomenon is the wonderful relationship between dogs and humans.

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