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Deer Introduces Her Fawns To Her Golden Retriever Best Friend

For the past eleven years, a golden retriever and this deer have been best friends. And like all best friends, this deer momma couldn’t wait to show off her new babies to him.

G-Bro the golden retriever and Buttons the deer share a unique friendship. The two have grown up together and even though Buttons is a wild rehabilitated deer, she comes back to spend time with G-Bro and even introduces him to her fawns.

In this video, Buttons returned with her two newborn fawns and is introducing them to G-Bro for the very first time. It is an exciting time for the entire family, but G-Bro is especially taken by the cuteness of the fawns.

He is very gentle with them from the first moment they meet. He loves playing with them but is always very careful not to hurt them. He even acts like a surrogate mom, and Buttons trust her friend to take care of her babies along with her.

G-Bro lays on the grass, rolls around with the fawns, licks them, sniffs them all over, and is their big fluffy playmate. They all share a very special bond that is unique as it is cute. Buttons even bring the fawns back for visits every year.

The dog and deer have been close for a very long time. They grew up together. Today, they are more like family than friends. That friendship began when Buttons was young, she was injured and subsequently rehabilitated by the family yet allowed to remain wild.

Since that time, the two have been inseparable. G-Bro loves being loved on by Buttons and sits for her to clean him and give him kisses up and down his back. In truth, he might even be a little jealous over the fawns getting licks when he doesn’t.

When Buttons wants to visit G-Bro, she just shows up at the door, as all best friends do. She even paws it and impatiently waits for it to open so the dog can go out and play with her. They love to hike, play, and even chase each other in the snow.

Their friendship is so special that it is wonderful to be able to see them share it. They truly are besties that can’t see their differences. Their love for each other is what bonds them together all these years.

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