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Deaf Dog Is Shocked When His Soldier Finally Returns Home

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. And anyone who has loved ones knows that over time, you do begin to love and appreciate them more and more the longer they are gone. Well this is often the case for dogs as well!

And this is certainly true for Cotton, who hadn’t seen his owner, Pete, for a few days. Pete is part of the Oregon National Guard and so he had to go away for a drill weekend. The loyal companion is seen in this video, excitedly awaiting the return of his best friend at the front door.

The white pit bull is fairly patient, but it is obvious that as the seconds tick by, he is getting more and more excited to be reunited with his bestie. He is typically mild-mannered, but he starts to show some overwhelming excitement as the moment draws nearer.

Once his owner finally steps through the threshold, it is like a rush of joy for both guys as they embrace. How sweet to see these two so into each other! Even though it was only a few days, we can tell that Cotton would prefer to always be by Pete’s side.

Welcome home, Pete

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