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Courageous Police K9 Becomes Protector Of His Newborn Sister

Jason worked at the Clinton Police Department with his lovely K9 friend. The German Shepherd’s name was Sonny with whom Jason had a special bond.

The dog helped the whole Department with his precious job. When the police officers needed to search for a 12 or 13-hundred-square foot house they would probably find what they needed within a few seconds due to Sonny.

He was also a good pacifier and entertainer for Jason. When the day was overloaded and Jason got tired Sonny was always there to make his day better.

The clever dog had another job too. Jason and his wife recently had a cute baby girl named Reagan. Sonny liked her very much and when he was at home he cared for the little one with great pleasure. When they brought Reagan home the dog was very thrilled. Every time she cried the dog calmly entered her room and tried to make her stop crying. Soon he became her protector. Everyone loved Sonny as he was a very kind and positive dog.

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