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Cat Who Lived In A Church For 12 Years Passes Away, The Church Gives Her An Entire Memorial Service

13 years ago, a little stray cat put her paw into the church, she decided her favorite peaceful spots as her own to lay down, the cat never felt like she needed to find somewhere else ever since. Southwark Cathedral in London considered the cat as a God-gifted mascot of the community since nobody expected one would stay until the end of life. Doorkins Magnificat was smothered with love, compassion, and peace for more than a decade, unfortunately, passed away in Paul Timms’s arms, the head verger of the church on September 30, 2020.

Doorkins Magnificat was once a stray cat who found a loving home at Southwark Cathedral on a cold winter day in 2008

Everybody was devastated and heartbroken when the feline went to the rainbow bridge, they held a memorial to commemorate and honor what Doorkins had devoted to the church, the visitors as well as clergy. Dean Andrew Nunn was grateful for what God had given to the church: a great companion who was drawn to a holy space. Due to the brutal pandemic last year, only 30 people were allowed to join the unique service for Doorkins the cat. However, Southwark Cathedral and the Dean knew how important it was to have an online service for thousands of people who loved Doorkins, they also made a memorable thanksgiving live stream for her.

During 12 years spent at the church, Doorkins became “the focus of so much love and affection because we all need someone or something to love.” In fact, “Many people found they could love her.” – The Dean said.

Andrew Nunn also praised the important roles of every created animal that God had sent to Earth: “What would we do without the pollinators? Where would we be without those carrion animals and birds that help clear up the environment? We all have a part to play and some animals have become friends and companions.”

As stated, Doorkins the cat was much more precious than ever, a little lady captivated lots of people who visited the church, included the Queen of England. The kitty was spotted taking a nice nap in her majesty’s spot, and no one wanted to wake this little soul up.

The feline became a vital part of the church’s community, capturing the hearts of clergy and visitors alike

In 2017, Doorkins became weak and she had some critical illnesses: kidney problems, hearing loss, and blindness. Knowing that the cat needed time and effort to overcome a bundle of challenges, the head verger Paul Timms invited her to come to his place. She rested in peace after a sudden stroke, she was buried in the churchyard.

The magnificent kitty is gone but her loving personality and memories will live forever in people’s hearts. People who had known and visited the church sent out some lovely stories about Doorkins’s presence, the church published a book and postcards featured her to pay homage to the life of a stray cat for 12 years.

“She met Her Majesty The Queen and was present at more services than most of us. She was photographed by thousands of people and had a book written about her. She has been a blessing to us in so many ways. We will miss her.” – Said Dean Andrew Nunn.

In 2017, Doorkins started having serious health problems and on September 30, the beautiful girl had a stroke and passed away

But the godsend Doorkins Magnificat will always be remembered with love by whoever had a chance to meet her

The Cathedral held a memorial service for Doorkins Magnificat which was broadcast live

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