Cat Goes Viral For “Greeting” His Owners Every Time He Walks Through The Door

Arthur the cat has gone viral on social media for an adorable habit he has. Everytime he walks through the door, he greets his humans with a “meow,” and they greet him right back!

His owners first shared a video of the unique habit on TikTok, saying, “Our cat, Arthur, announces his arrival when he comes through the cat flap. We think it sounds like he’s saying hello.”

Of course, they couldn’t just ignore their cat’s greetings, so they began to greet him back with a “meow” or “hello.”

In a follow-up video, the owners shared a video of Arthur captured by a home security camera. Each time the cat steps through the door, he pauses to say “meow” as a greeting and his owners can be heard saying it back.

They wrote in the video, “When your cat says hello and announces his arrival every time he comes through the cat flap, it’s only polite to say hello back.”

The video went viral overnight and has racked up nearly 8 million views, along with millions of likes and thousands of comments.

Arthur’s owners explained in the comments that he’s mostly an indoor cat, but he goes outside to go potty and stays close to the home. Since he’s in and out throughout the day, he gets to greet his owners plenty of times!

Arthur’s quirky and adorable habit has gained him nearly 10,000 TikTok followers and 1,200 Instagram followers.

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