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Cat Dad Hilariously Acts Out ‘Every Cat Ever’ as Trained By His Cat Zeus

Actor, assistant director, content creator, and “tabby daddy” Kurt Tocci loves his orange cat, Zeus. Frequently, Zeus, AKA “Sir General Zeus of ChonkLandia,” stars in content and videos with his dad documenting the funny side of “Life owning a cat.” 

Below: Zeus in 2010 vs. 2019

Zeus in 2010 vs. 2019

Kurt Tocci Acts out ‘Every Cat Ever’

Recently, Tocci dropped a video in which he stars as the cat, acting out the funny things they do. Certainly, anyone with a cat will find these moments humorously familiar.

For example, we see every cat ever when you have just cleaned their litter box. We’ll leave it at that, but suffice to say; it’s quite funny to see it acted out. 🤣 Other moments include what every cat does the second you get up from your spot on the couch. Then, it escalates quickly, as we see a cat planning for world domination.

In another scene, we see the cat/Tocci waiting by the sink for their human to turn it on, something Zeus frequently does on Instagram. Who needs a water bowl, anyway? Likewise, who needs a scratching post when there’s an irresistible sofa nearby?

Towards the end, we see the party getting started when the cat opens some “Catnip Pawty Mix.” You’ll have to see for yourself, but it sure made us laugh.

Warning: Contains some vulgar language. 

Video by Kurt Tocci:

Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls

In a recent Instagram post, Tocci draws Zeus in a parody scene like Titanic. Laying on a bed, Zeus watches with adoring interest as the artist creates a masterpiece.

We found it particularly funny when Tocci catches Zeus quietly thinking about scratching the couch again. Then, Tocci holds Zeus aloft to catch a fly, Lion King style, a familiar funny moment for many cat lovers.

For more, you can follow Kurt Tocci on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Meeting Cat Lover Nicolas Cage

Tocci recently met Nicolas Cage at the Hollywood premiere of “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent,” getting his T-shirt autographed by fellow cat lover Cage. Recently, we shared the story about Cage’s cat Merlin, who he considers his “best friend.”

Sometimes, Tocci teams up to create videos with fellow cat lover Nathan the Cat Lady, who has recently been saving feral cats in the Los Angeles area. We look forward to seeing more from all three of these awesome cat dads and their cats in the future.

“Nicolas Cage autographs content creator Kurt Tocci’s t-shirt, which bore the actor’s likeness from 1997’s ‘Con-Air,’” via Variety.

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