Caregiver cuddles a rescued Elephant to make him feel Safe!

She has been helping her get to sleep for years!

What a privilege to have such a trusting relationship with a magnificent animal. Very special…!
She must know this elephant inside out and trust him with her life.

When newly rescued animals have to go to an unfamiliar environment, they are often [fe.a.rful] and timid. Because the majority of them have had difficult lives in the past.

Even large animals, such as Faamai, a rescue elephant at a Thai animal sanctuary and rescue center. He was once a shy baby elephant to everything, but Lek came and gave him motherly love, which he had never known.

In the video bellow, a large elephant falls asleep to the sound of a woman singing, Lek begins singing softly as she approaches the elephant, and Faamai responds by pulling her into his lap with his long trunk. Lek kept singing as she walked around the elephant, holding a cloth to keep insects at bay.

While Lek sat down and leaned against him, the elephant slowly dropped to its knees before collapsing to the ground and falling asleep. It’s so peaceful!

Lek has a good relationship with the elephant Faamai and has been assisting him in his sleep for many years. And maybe Faamai truly thought of her as a mother, and this massive baby could fall asleep instantly after hearing her sing a lullaby.

ek is a true angel,the work she does saving Thailand’s working elephants is heartwarming.
This scene has touched many people’s hearts; love can be strange, but also wonderful!

God bless your loving heart 🙏♥️🙏 Thank you for caring so much! 💕 Amen 🙏

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